In today’s modern legal practice, cases are often passed off to nameless law clerks, paralegals, or contract attorneys who “handle” much, if not all of the client’s case. The Law Office of Robert C. Pacuinas offers a different approach:

This page was last updated: June 18, 2011
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  • Mr. Pacuinas zealously works for the client, advocates for the client, and is involved in all aspects of the client’s case.

  • Mr. Pacuinas encourages parties to resolve their disputes, offering practical advice to guide his client toward a workable solution. However, Mr. Pacuinas is ready, willing, and able to litigate aggressively and uses creative approaches to represent his clients.

  • Mr. Pacuinas offers exceptional services in all aspects of family law.

  • Mr. Pacuinas has developed a reputation for handling complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion and has been featured in Sacramento News & Review, television news and radio for his zealous advocacy of his clients.
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