"I came to Robert for help because I felt my lawyer at Downey Brand was not looking out for my best interest.  She tried to get me to settle my divorce against my best interest.  Robert was wonderful. He was easy to talk with, helpful, personable and acted aggressively on my behalf.  After only one meeting between Robert and my X's attorney, Robert was able to get me an additional $100,000 over the offer they presented to my former attorney.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the outcome.  I would recommend Robert to anyone."   

 "I would recommend Robert Pacuinas to anyone as I’ve worked with a number attorneys over the years and my experience w/ Robert has been a breath of fresh air.  Robert listens and understands the challenges and problems of an issue and does not come with preconceived answers about what might happen.  Robert has a fantastic ability to interpret needs and convert it into a strategic action plan.   He is extremely knowledgeable about the law,  has proven ability to change his strategy on the fly,  and is not afraid to take the offensive position.  He is always well prepared in Court, prepares extensively in advance to ensure he is able to perform his best in his representation.  Robert always makes sure that he devotes time in advance of a hearing toward your case to ensure you are in lock step with the strategy and plan in advance.  I always felt confident and prepared when going to court with Robert since we always had a long term strategy, short term plan and we were prepared and basing our arguments on sound legal basis.  I only wish I had found Robert years ago, it would have saved me a fortune….he is an attorney worth every penny of investment."

"Mr. Pacuinas represented me in my custody case and through a custody trial. From the beginning, I found Mr. Pacuinas to be an excellent attorney- different than other attorneys with whom I had spoken. He listened, thought creatively about my case and was zealous in representing me and my daughter. I was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Pacuinas's ability to remember the tiniest details of my case. He was outstanding in trial; aggressive and passionate. I would recommend Mr. Pacuinas to anyone seeking family law representation."

"I am thrilled to say that today, Attorney Robert Pacuinas succeeded in obtaining for me a ruling for one third of the amount of spousal support that I was willing to pay for settling my divorce.  The reasons for this success are many.  First of all, the teamwork and rapport between Mr. Pacuinas and my family and I was commendable.  Secondly, the preparation and rehearsals that went into this ordeal of several weeks was outstanding.  In the final analysis, one sentence on Facebook, entered into evidence, was the turning  point in the case. The hard work and the truly competent nature of Mr. Pacuinas assured the day!  Justice and fairness ruled out and returned my faith in our justice system." 

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